Things You Should Aware About RCD Testing And Its Uses

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RCD is nothing but the residual current devices, which prevent people from electric shocks in residential and commercial buildings. This device is mostly used by the electrical contractor in Wollongong in order to find out the faults in the electrical appliances. The device monitors the flow of electricity when it enters from the main distribution panel. Whenever the electricians are affected by a surge of electricity or imbalance of electric power will cause death or injury. So the electricians are using the RCD testing Wollongong to measure the flow of electricity. Here is the list of things that you should be aware of RCD testing and its uses.

What is RCD?

The RCD is nothing but an electronic protection device, which aims to disconnect the circuit during any electrical event or a fault. The RCD operates on the principle of continuously monitoring the balance of currents between the line conductor and neutral conductor. It also indicates the signal when the line conductor is going somewhere else from the neutral conductor. If this situation happens, there is a fault somewhere within the installation of electrical appliances.

The regular domestic Residual current device is specified up to 30mA limit. The main reason for this specification is the human body can withstand the only 30mA of current. Anything above the current limit will be dangerous for human life, so the RCD will cut off the current supply.

Types of RCD

There are different types of RCD available in the industry. The following are some of the RCD testing devices.

Socket Outlet RCD

The socket-outlet RCDs are designed for 1 power outlet and can be found in extension cables. The socket outlets RCD’s are mostly used in outdoor appliances like lawnmowers and hedge trimmers. Whenever you are cutting through the wire, the RCD will operate and prevent the serious damages that are going to happen to the user.

Portable RCD

The portable RCD is one of the commonly used RCD testing Wollongong. The portable RCD is the temporary solution for the socket outlet RCD. Instead of having the Socket permanent on the RCD, the portable RCD can be simply plugged into any socket. This will be mostly used in places where there is no permanent RCD present in the property.

What is done during the testing of RCD?

The tests are usually made on the load side of the RCD and between the phase conductor and the associated CPC. It is recommended to disconnect any load or appliance before going for testing. Generally, the RCD test instrument requires few milliamperes to operate and this will be obtained from the phases and the neutral circuit under test. Whenever you are going to test the Three-phase RCD protecting a three-wire circuit, the instrument’s neural circuit has to be connected to the earth. This is because; the test current will increase by the instrument supply current and make the devices operate at 50 percent and indicating the incorrect operating time.

Under these circumstances, it is recommended to have a look at the operating parameters of the RCD with the corresponding manufacturer. Before failing in the RCD test, you have to reset the device by pressing the appropriate bottom. After this, you can use the thermal scanners to carry out the RCD testing results and produce the reports regarding the issues with a comprehensive report and compliance certificate.

Steps to be done

The following are the steps that should be done, while you are going for testing RCD’s

  • You have to plug a small lamp into a PowerPoint and make sure it is in working condition. You have to leave it turned on.
  • Check whether the electricity is connected to the property and the main switch is in on position.
  • You have to push the buttons on each RCD and check whether the RCD is operated. If it does not operate, you have to approach an electrical contractor in Wollongong.
  • Once after you pushed the button and you should check whether RCD has turned off and the small lamp is now off.
  • In addition to this, you have to check that all the lights and power points do not operate. In order to do this, you have to plug a small lamp into all power points and turn the PowerPoint on. If the lamp turns on, the wiring is in good condition.

These RCD testing is cost-saving and used to find early detection of faults. So find the best electrical contractor in Wollongong and do the proper wiring for your residential and commercial buildings.

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