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Under Floor Heating

Attwood Electrical supply and install various types of electrical underfloor heating. Electrical underfloor heating is an efficient and simple heating solution for any sized area. Underfloor heating produces safe, radiant heat and there is no hot air being created and blown around. The whole area will be the same temperature, which can be set to your choice, as the heat is distributed evenly and consistently around the room from the floor up. The setup of the heating system is user friendly and can be put on a timer to suit your lifestyle. Electrical underfloor heating systems radiate the heat they produce from the wires into the floor. This then releases heat into the room and creates warmth. The underfloor heating spreads the warmth over the whole floor area where it is installed. 

Electrical underfloor heating provides a comfortable and enjoyable heating solution. This sort of heating is perfect for areas in the house such as the bathrooms, say goodbye to cold tiles when you get out of the shower on a cold winters morning! Underfloor heating can also be installed in commercial buildings and offices. If you are providing the materials yourself, some systems are designed for certain types of flooring, be sure to check the system you are purchasing suits the floor type you need it for. We would recommend organising a site visit quotation for one of our friendly technicians to have a look at the space and discuss your wants and needs regarding your underfloor heating. They are professionals and experts and can recommend what they think will work best.

Attwood Electrical can install under the carpet, under tile, in screed, and slab heating. If you are interested in having electrical underfloor heating installed at your place, give us a call today on 02 4244 1332.

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