Thermal Imaging and RCD Testing

Thermal Imaging and RCD TestingThermal Imaging and RCD Testing

If your insurance requires you to have an annual thermal imaging and RCD testing log we are the guys to do it. We have the experience and high quality equipment to look after this.

Attwoodelectricals exclusive range of electrical services has backed with the support of safety checks that assures our customers with the security of their spaces and systems. Majorly, we offer the two most significant testing and security assurance mechanism. One of these is RCD testing that stands for the residual current device and other is thermal imaging, popularly known as thermography.

RCD Testing

In simpler terms, RCD testing procedure tests the functionality and possibility of incidents from RCD due to fast supply of electricity. We call it the testing of safety switches that tend to cut-off the supply electricity to the circuit or get tripped.

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