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The Difference Between A Residential Electrician And A Commercial Electrician Wollongong

If you ever come across an electrical problem, you may want to hire a commercial electrician in Wollongong to help deal with it. However, there are certain times when a commercial electrician Wollongong is required for their services. Most individuals don’t know the difference between a residential electrician, and a commercial electrician.

Residential electricians are typically those electricians who deal with electrical issues occurring inside of a home. On the other hand, commercial electricians typically deal with electrical issues in a commercial area, such as stores and offices. General work in the day of a commercial electrician typically consists of them installing power outlets and lighting.

Commercial Electrician Wollongong

Commercial Electrician Wollongong Services At Attwood Electrical

Commercial electrician Wollongong services are one of the few specialties at Attwood Electrical. A wide range of commercial electrical services are provided, which typically include:

Main Switchboard Installation: If your commercial building does not have a main switchboard, our technicians will be able to install it for you.

Main Switchboard Upgrade
For cases where your main switchboard is old and outdated, our team of skilled technicians will replace it with a new switchboard.
Main Switchboard Maintenance
Maintenance is necessary for all types of electrical appliances, especially switchboards. If you have concerns regarding your main switchboard, our professional technicians can pop in and have a look at it.
Safety Switch Installations
For the safety of everyone at work, our electricians will be able to install safety switches to prevent your shop or workplace from any hazards such as a fire.

Commercial Electrician Wollongong FAQs

Every commercial electrician Wollongong gets asked a few common questions each time they go to a commercial building to provide their services.

When should I call a commercial electrician?

You should only call a commercial electrician Wollongong if the electrical problem is occurring in an office, commercial building, or factory. Other areas may also include stores and retail units. A commercial electrician is well versed and has an ample amount of knowledge to deal with the wiring of large and expansive properties. A general or residential electrician, on the other hand, may not have enough knowledge to deal with large wiring. This is why you should always acquire the services of a commercial electrician if an electrical problem occurs in your office.

What are the skills that a commercial electrician has?

A commercial electrician typically has enough knowledge and understanding of blueprints, and electrical designs. They pay great attention to detail and have visual skills that help them conceptualise ways to tackle an electrical problem, especially for major projects.

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